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Course Elective Request Form
Students may sign up for classes that are listed as electives but do not appear on their Course Selection Sheet by completing the Course Elective Request Form.  Forms can be obtained in the Office for Academic Affairs or downloaded from the school website.  The Course Elective Request Form must be signed by the parent and Department Chairperson.  These forms are due on or before May 10th. *

Track Change Request Form
Students may request a track change for their selected courses by completing the Track Change Request Form.  Forms can be obtained in the Office for Academic Affairs or downloaded from the school website.  The Track Change Request Form must be signed by the parent, the current class teacher, and the Department Chairperson.  These forms are due on or before May 10th. *

GradeConnect Information for Course Selection

Students will have a chance to meet with the various department Chairs on Tuesday, May 3rd   during a school assembly.  Students may get their forms signed at this time.

*Courses and Tracks may be changed by the school due to final student grades and enrollment.  TRACKS and COURSES CANNOT BE CHANGED OR DROPPED ONCE THE SCHOOL YEAR BEGINS.

Student Account features:

Grades available online

No self-deception—the student can see exactly what is in the teacher’s gradebook for him or her. (Each student can see only his/her own grades.) Students will know how they did on the last test which means less questions for the teacher.

Students will know what homework, tests or projects are missing or late.

Assignments posted

Students are alerted of their assignments as soon as they login to Grade Connect. Writing assignments down in class is no longer required.

Absentees can still retrieve their assignments as easily as if they were in school that day.

Student Calendar

The student calendar automatically alerts the student to upcoming deadlines and due dates. With just a click, the student can look ahead and see all important events. The student calendar is not course-specific, ALL important dates from ALL courses will be displayed.

Students can see what’s due even if they are sick or absent for any reason.

Students can post personal messages and reminders to themselves.


Students can easily send email to their teacher from their account.

This account will allow you to see everything your student(s) can see such as grades, homework assignments, due dates, failure warnings, etc. You’ll also get convenient email communication with the teachers.

With your free Parent Account you can conveniently monitor the performance of your student in school. You’ll be able to access GradeConnect from home, office or anywhere! What a great way to keep tabs on student’s academic standing!

Parent Account features:

Get a constant, to-the-day overview of how well the student is doing in the course.

See everything the student can. Does the student really have no homework?

Have proof of your child’s test grades, homework, etc.

Easily email questions or concerns to the teacher. There is no need to use school voice mail to contact the teacher.

No need to rely on student for information.

Post personal messages to your child through GradeConnect.
E.g. “Don’t forget to meet your sister at the bus after school today!”

Create your Parent Account now!


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