Faculty and Staff Contact Information

(L to R: Mr. Cacia, Miss Kirby, Mr. Finley, Miss Ford)

Bishop McDevitt High School Administration

Mr. Stephen Finley ’69, President

Ms. Mary Kirby, Principal

Ms. Lisa Ford, Assistant Principal
Academic Affairs / Activities

Mr. Vincent Cacia, Assistant Principal
Student Services

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Administration and Staff

Name Extension Department
Affleck, Dave  249  Maintenance Supervisor
Bates, Mary Beth (Garrity)  257  Director of Admissions
Cacia, Vincent  230  Asst. Principal for Student Services
Cichonski, Linda  226  Sec. Academic Affairs
Conran, Kristin  256  Director of Major Gifts and Business Outreach
Dominello, Carol Anne 234  Guidance Director
Dowd, Karen  Assistant Director of Admissions
Ford, Lisa  232  Asst. Principal for Academic Affairs / Activities
Harkness, Hurley  238  Attendance
Hayes, Jac-Lyn  224  President’s Secretary
Gibbons, Joan Sr.  255  Admissions Assistant
Johnson, Theresa  229  Sec. Student Services
Keane, Kelly 233  Director of Institutional Advancement
Kirby, Mary 227  Principal
Levy, Susan  229  Sec. Student Services
Manzi, Patrick  253  Athletic Director
McLaughlin, Carol  222  Tuition Officer
O’Brien, Dianna  252  Food Services
Wells, Michael  244  Technology Coordinator
Settefrati, Susan  231  Sec. Student Affairs
Sperger, Michael  223  Accountant
Tran, Rev. Quan 245  School Minister




Name Extension Department
Boyer, Mary Sr.  404  Art
Brandley, Joseph  405  English
Burdziak, Dorothy  402  Languages – Dept. Chair
Ciampi, Jessica  411  Math
Cimorelli, Cristina 409  Languages
Chrusch, Ken  Theology
Jurkiewicz, Matthew  408  Science
Kane, Eugene  418  Math
Kearney, Joan  419  Physical Education
Kolla Heaps, AnnMarie  401  Science and Theology
Krajczar, J.R.  410  Theology – Dept. Chair
Luby, Ellie  English – Dept. Chair
Luby, David  430  Social Studies – Dept. Chair
Manzi, Patrick 253  Social Studies
May, Kathleen  416  Math – Dept. Chair
Mocknick, Danielle  248  Music
Moffo, Jeff  Business
Oberholzer, Cecilia  426  Science – Dept. Chair
Regan, Maggie Math
Rieffel, Glenda  241  Social Studies
Steck, John Theology
Stout, Karl  437  Business
Sweeney, Marian  413  Science
Whelan, Christopher  407  English


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