McDevitt Students Prepare for Annual Reading Olympics Competition

Reading Olympics is an annual co-curricular competition between public and private schools based on reading. Before Christmas break, the monitor (usually an English teacher) is given a set list of books, which are later distributed among the Reading Olympics teams. The genres of the books range from science fiction to realistic fiction.

On April 7, 2016, three teams will be competing for Bishop McDevitt in the Reading Olympics, held at Wissahickon High School. Usually, there are four teams in the competition. However, this year, the freshman and sophomore teams have been combined to form a power-team of readers.

For all those who are unsure of the process of the Reading Olympics, here’s a little run down. During the competition, 2 teams (opposing schools) are placed in a classroom. While in the room, the teams will be asked a series of randomly selected questions based on the books given for them to read. It is important to note that this is not a competition during which one must raise his or her hand or hit a buzzer to answer. Instead, one team is asked the question and is allotted a certain amount of time to answer. If the team is unable to answer, then the question is referred to the other team. Each correct answer gives the team 1 point, though there is no deduction for incorrect answers.

After 3 rounds of questioning (one team against three different schools) the points are tallied up and a ribbon is awarded to each of the participating teams. There are four different types of ribbons in the Reading Olympics – yellow, green, red and blue. The yellow ribbon is the lowest ribbon that a team can gain, with a total amount of 29 points, or questions answered correctly. Next, is the green ribbon, which states that the teams earned 30-39 points. The red ribbon is awarded to any team that reached 40-49 points. Finally, the coveted blue ribbon is given to the team that gained 50 or more points in the competition.

Though the Reading Olympics is an academic competition, there is no true first, second or third place. Multiple teams may receive any of the colored ribbons listed above. Reading Olympics is about exposing elementary schoolers and high schoolers alike to the wonders of books.

Best of luck to all our Olympians this year! And for those that are interested, it is not too late to join.  Please contact Mrs. Luby for any addition information.

“Today’s readers, are tomorrow’s leaders!!”  Read more stories at 

Kiara DeVore, ’17 , Editor and Writer


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