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4th Edition, June 2017

Sports Recognition Night

By:  Kiara DeVore, ‘17

What is sports recognition night? Sports recognition night is an annual event held to honor Bishop McDevitt’s various girls and boys sports teams, with the exclusion of football and track, as they hold separate banquets. This night is dedicated to recognizing the achievements of sports teams as a whole as well as the individual efforts of its players. It is one of the many times throughout the McDevitt school year during which the school acknowledges students’ participation and dedication to extracurricular activities.

The awards for softball and soccer.

This year, McDevitt’s sports recognition night was held on Wednesday, May 17th at Flourtown Country Club. Flourtown Country Club not only provided a wonderful setting to escape the May heat, but also a lovely environment to celebrate McDevitt’s athletes. Assistant Athletic Director and Business Department Chair, Mr. Karl Stout, was the “emcee” for the night.  Like a pro, Mr. Stout introduced coaches to speak about their teams and distributed various awards to recipients. The awards included: Most Valuable Player (MVP), Coaches’ award, and Most Improved. For the varsity teams, athletes received McDevitt Varsity letters. However, those that received All Catholic Honors were awarded Varsity All Catholic letters.

The 2016-2017 volleyball team seniors receive their awards.

The 2016-2017 wrestling team stands for recognition.

As history can attest, every sports recognition night is unique. This year, a new sports team was celebrated – swimming. Freshman Leah Hueber stood alone, yet proud, as Mr. Finley talked about her accomplishments in the water and awarded her with an All Catholic letter. Hopefully Leah’s success will inspire more within the Bishop McDevitt student body to participate in the sport in the coming years.

Leah Hueber, ‘20, accepts her All-Catholic award.

Congratulations to all McDevitt sports teams for their achievements this year. Thank you to all senior athletes for their participation and work ethic during their McDevitt athletic careers. Best of luck to all sports teams in the coming year!

Catholic Relief Services  Volleyball Tournament

By:  Brianna Bailey, ‘19

    The charity volleyball tournament, held on May 18, 2017, was certainly exciting for all involved, as the Bishop McDevitt students, administration, faculty and staff spent the entire day in competition.  Throughout the day, 19 teams of students competed in a tournament consisting of 10 minute volleyball matches. Each team was named after the color of their t-shirts. After a grueling day of matches, the student team that earned the overall victory was the Black Team.  Despite playing multiple games and emerging victorious throughout the day, the Black Team had one more battle on the court.  

During what would normally be 8th period, the entire student body filled the stands for the ultimate showdown.  In order to be titled “The 2017 Volleyball Champions,” the Black Team had to face the undefeated faculty and staff team. From the opening serve to the final game point, the Black Team put up a good fight, however, their efforts were to no avail, as the faculty and staff team won both sets, maintaining their undefeated record.

In summary, through the efforts, organization and leadership of the Student Council and Mrs. Kearney, the tournament was very successful and fun for all involved.  The tournament not only raised money for a notable cause, but also provided an entire day of healthy competition and entertainment for the entire student body.  Although many students were shocked that the faculty and staff team won, all are excited for next year’s tournament!  

Academic Honors Convocation

By:  Kale Adote, ‘17

On May 19, 2017, the annual Bishop McDevitt High School Academic Honors Convocation took place. This longstanding tradition serves to reward and honor students for their academic and service achievements throughout the school year. To receive an academic letter, students must have been recipients of academic honors for at least six marking periods. The requirements to receive a distinguished letter are more rigorous, as students must have acquired honors for at least twelve marking periods.

During this year’s ceremony, students were recognized with either academic or distinguished letters. Individuals from the sophomore, junior and senior classes were presented with certificates and an emblem of the school logo. Following the gifting of certificates, as is the custom, McDevitt’s school president, Mr. Stephen Finley ‘69, concluded the event with a few words of wisdom and inspiration to the student body.  Throughout his address, he applauded the honorees and encouraged other students to work ardently to follow in their peers’ footsteps.

Good-bye and Good Luck to the Senior Royalist Staff Members

By:  Mrs. Cimorelli

On behalf of all of the staff members for The Royalist, I would like to extend our sincerest gratitude and congratulations to the senior staff members as they prepare to graduate.  The senior staff members include: Kale Adote, Ashia Burns, Kiara DeVore, Kelly Keaton, and Endrysa Peguero.  Each member has contributed to the success of The Royalist over the last four years.  It has truly been an honor to have these young ladies on the staff.  We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!


Class of 2017: Salutatorian and Valedictorian

By:  Kiara DeVore, ‘17


Being a salutatorian or a valedictorian is one of the greatest honors that a student can receive during his or her final year of secondary and higher education. The honors of salutatorian and valedictorian are reserved for students that have been given the opportunity to address their fellow classmates and the audience during their graduation. This is not a simple or easy task to execute. One must have the ability to speak in front of a crowd and be willing to be placed outside of their comfort zone.


The salutary speech is the shortest of the two, ranging from 2-4 minutes, and is the first speech of the graduation ceremony. Salutatorians are responsible for setting the tone for the ceremony and welcoming all those present. Valedictory speeches range from 4-6 minutes and embody the thoughts and feelings of the senior class. The purpose of the speech is to address the events that have occurred during the four year academic term, thank individuals for their role in the student’s life, and to express the ideals of the graduating class. Both the salutatorian and valedictorian represent the senior class.


In most schools, salutatorian and valedictorian are based off the top two students in the senior class. The number one student is valedictorian, and the second student is salutatorian. However, this process is different at Bishop McDevitt, as the top ten students in each graduating class are selected to submit their speeches to earn the prestigious title.  Once the students submit their proposed speeches, members of the administration and faculty review and vote on the best speeches. (The names of the students are removed from the speeches prior to the review and voting process so that votes are made based solely on the quality of each speech).


It is with great honor and privilege to announce the salutatorian and valedictorian for the Bishop McDevitt High School graduating class of 2017.   This year’s salutatorian and valedictorian respectively are Alyssa Thieu and Kiara DeVore. Congratulations to theses two ladies and best of luck on their speeches!

  Kiara DeVoreAlyssa ThieuAlyssa Thieu


Class of 2017


Kiara DeVore


Class of 2017

3rd Edition, January 2017

Christmas Formal

By:  Helen Guan, ‘18

On December 16, 2016, Bishop McDevitt held it’s Christmas Formal from 7pm to 10pm.   The night was full of formal attire, festive decor, tasty desserts and fun with friends as students danced the night away.   

“It’s so exciting and interesting,” Tony who is a junior said.  “I can dance my own way and meet my friends, the party is really popular I have to say.”  

“It’s fun and exciting. I enjoy it. I can wear a pretty dress. And I really like dancing. ” said Erin, another junior.   Both Tony and Erin have attended the Christmas formals in the past and encourage all students to participate in the McDevitt tradition in the future.


McDevitt’s Twelve Days of Christmas: A Student Council Production

By:  Endrysa Peguero, ‘17

As usual, the Student Council devised unique and entertaining ways to bring holiday cheer to the student body every school day during the month of December.  The twelve days were designed to bring a little joy to all lunch periods with fascinating, yet competitive,  activities.

For the first day, Student Council provided a coloring competition, during which students colored Christmas-themed pages.  The pages were then judged and a winner was chosen. (Don’t worry, every picture was put to good use and hung up in the cafeteria as decoration). On the second day of McDevitt Christmas, Student Council set up hidden images for students to find throughout the day.  The students who collected the most images, received a candy prize.  During the third day, Christmas songs were played at lunch for each table to appropriately name.  The table with the most accurate answers received a prize.  

The fourth day required holiday-inspired teamwork.   Two members from each of the school’s classes teamed up to wrap one another in toilet paper, pin buttons on them and make them look like a snowman.  The team to complete the “Frosty” mission first, won a prize.  Days five through seven were filled with gingerbread house building, random Christmas trivia, and collecting toys for the less fortunate.  Winners received not only points for their teams, but also some sort of yummy edible prize.

The last few days were more about displaying Christmas spirit through style, small presents, and memories, rather than talent and competition.  On December 14, 2016,  students were offered delicious cookies and hot chocolate to help them warm up during lunches for just fifty cents. The following day, students were asked to show off their ugliest Christmas sweaters and don all of their Christmas and jolly colors. Additionally, throughout the month, students were able to buy candy-grams to give to their friends and show their appreciation for their friendships during the holiday season.  The candy-grams were distributed on December 19th to all the students who ordered one to be delivered.  

For the eleventh day, students were able to take a picture with Santa Claus during lunch and keep it as a memento for the future. Lastly, on the twelfth day of McDevitt Christmas, the student body was able to wear Christmas accessories, like antlers and Santa hats, to celebrate the last full day in school and the coming of Christmas.

As always, Mrs. Kearney and the Student Council did a great job in promoting holiday cheer all throughout the beautiful month of December!


The Annual Christmas Concert

By:  Kelly Keaton, 17

Bishop McDevitt’s annual Christmas concert was back and better than ever for one merry evening this December.  Both the band and the choir successfully performed music they had been practicing weeks prior.

With a new director, Mr. Morrisette, the talented members of the band started off strong as they executed a medley of Christmas songs on an array of string, brass, and percussion instruments. The beautifully arranged pieces certainly got everyone into the Christmas spirit.

Up next, Danielle Greenberg ‘18, a member of the Forensics Team, took the podium. Forensics is a club where students can practice their debate, public speaking, and storytelling skills. Danielle told a riveting holiday themed-story about a lonely old man who reunited with his long lost son. It was a great presentation that earned a hearty round of applause from the audience.

The final performance of the evening came from the choir.  Alumnus Mr. Chris Seifert, ‘04 directed the cheerful students during their Christmas song assortment. Every bass, alto, and soprano hit the right notes for a triumphant finish to the concert.

Before the night completely ended, school president Mr. Finley, ‘69 said a couple of words, wishing everyone a joyous holiday season. After, with the jolly sounds of Christmas music still ringing in their ears, the audience members flooded the performers with praises, congratulations, and a multitude of hugs. It was a fun and joyous event for everyone involved. The turnout was great with many students, faculty, and family members filling the chairs.

The next time the band and choir perform will be during the Spring concert. They will be practicing strenuously leading up to the big performance and will prepare a new set of songs to be heard by the McDevitt family!


New Year’s Resolutions

By:  Brianna Bailey, ‘19 and Tyler Howard, ‘18

Every year people make resolutions to improve upon themselves or a particular aspect of their life.  For many, a New Year’s resolution is the perfect opportunity to “start over.”   Some suggested resolutions include “Getting a baking job,” suggests Eileen Velez-Arce ‘20.  Sophomore Sakina Harper suggests, “Be more confident.”  Other students suggest that “improving grades and school work” are great resolutions.  Meanwhile, others indicate that helping out more at home with household chores makes a fine resolution.

Again, for many a New Year’s resolution provides people with an opportunity to be determined and committed toward a personal goal.  Unfortunately, some people often do not stick with their New Year’s resolution.  However, there are some “tips,” or “tricks,” to help everyone remain committed to resolutions.  First, to be able to stick with New Year’s resolutions people should start small.  If there are overly high expectations, or unrealistic goals, that are nearly impossible to attain, some people may become disappointed and discouraged, thus abandoning their resolutions.  By starting small, one could achieve his or her goal easily and, perhaps, be able to commit to a new goal or add to a pre-existing goal.  

Regardless of the nature of a New Year’s resolution, the fundamental fact still remains, a new year brings a new start, a fresh beginning for all.  On behalf of the Royalist staff, we wish all in the Bishop McDevitt High School community a safe, healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

2nd Edition December,2016

Powder Puff 2016

By:  Kiara DeVore, ‘17

It was a cold, sunny day that hosted the 2016 Powder Puff Classic Game. Last year’s championship junior team, the now ambitious seniors, faced a formidable opponent in the current junior class. Led by Mr. Moffo, Ms. Regan, Mr. K and student coaches Max Bryson (‘17), Sean Campbell (‘17), and Daniel Church (‘17), the seniors hoped to become back-to-back champions and leave an everlasting mark on McDevitt athletics. The junior squad, coached by Mr. Jurkiewicz and Mrs. Heaps, looked to end this trend and maintain the junior class winning streak.

As many had expected, the game was filled with physicality, as tackles were furiously exchanged between both teams. Scoring was adamant throughout the game. Led by quarterback Jessica Kaczmarczyk, the seniors scored 3 touchdowns, with only one failed attempt at a PAT (point after touchdown). Other highlight offensive plays included those by Vanessa DiBucci (wide-receiver) and Taylor Quarles (running-back). The junior team scored 2 touchdowns in the game, but were unable to convert any extra points. Junior offense was led by Kayla Schultz (quarterback), Jessica Francois (running-back), and Suzanna Cantwell (running- back).

A major area in the game was the defense for both teams. It is reported that the senior defensive team gained the most tackles and were able to hold off a strong junior offense. Also, the senior defense was responsible for the only interception of the game, caught by Kiara DeVore (linebacker). As for the junior defense, the team was able to maintain a low scoring game–a stark contrast from the senior team’s previous year victory of 33-6.

Ultimately, in a 21-13 win, the class of 2017, claimed victory and the title of back-to-back Powder Puff Champions, something that has been done only a few times in McDevitt Powder Puff history. Special gratitude is extended, on behalf of both teams, to all those that made the Powder Puff game possible. To all the coaches, referees, players, and supporters, thank you for braving the elements and supporting this annual tradition. And best of luck to the class of 2018 in their Powder Puff game next year.

The victorious senior class Powder Puff team of 2016.

Powder Puff 2016

Looking Ahead:  The College Application Process

By:  Kale Adote, ‘17

For the Bishop McDevitt class of 2017,  senior year is representative of many things, such as: the last year of high school, the preparation to fully enter the world as adults, and the rather dreaded college application process. Indeed, it has become routine for seniors to run in and out of Mrs. Dominello’s guidance office; panicking about deadlines or missing letters of recommendation, amongst other things. Thankfully for the senior students, they are surrounded by trusted and qualified individuals, like Mrs. Dominello and the guidance department staff, who do their best to assist all through this stressful process in various ways.

For instance, during the last few weeks, representatives from Chestnut Hill College and Holy Family University have come to the school to hold “Instant Decision” sessions. During these sessions, students have an on-the-spot “interview” with the representative from each school.  During the interview, students get to know instantly whether they have been accepted and whether they qualify for a scholarship. All senior students were encouraged to participate in the events, as they were great opportunities, and, not to mention, free of charge.

Also, on Monday, November 14, 2016, representatives from various Catholic universities visited the school. This was a great time for juniors (who will very soon start thinking about schools) and seniors (who are actually going through the process now) to get more information about the schools and what they have to offer. Some of the schools that were present were La Salle University, St. Joseph’s University, Villanova University, Seton Hill University, the University of Scranton, Gwynedd Mercy University and many more. The event was well-attended and many students gained new insight into the various Catholic universities and their course offerings.  

Winter Sports Spotlight

By:  Tyler Howard, ‘18

The days of cheering for our girls field hockey team and nights screaming our lungs out cheering for football team are now over. Even though those sports have reached their end, it is now time for the winter sports to take center stage.  

Recently, student-athletes Imani Bradford, class of 2018, and Tyree Wheeler, class of 2017, took some time from their busy training schedules to discuss their preparation and excitement for the upcoming winter sports season. Bradford is a beginner with indoor track and is anxious for the start of the season. While, veteran senior athlete, Wheeler, is excited about what the future holds, but feels bittersweet because he leaving high school behind.

Wheeler is senior basketball player who starts as a shooting guard small forward. When asked about the upcoming season, he responds, “I think this season will be different because we have new people and a better advantage because of the good chemistry I have with my teammates.”  Wheeler loves the sport he plays because it has been a passion of his since he was six and he cannot imagine doing anything else.

As mentioned before, Bradford is anxious for the season to begin. Although a beginner, Bradford has found her stride as a sprinter. She has fallen in love with the sport, mainly due to  the adrenaline rush she gets when she is in her lane getting ready to run.  She and her team are ready to make their mark on the indoor track and field world this winter.

Student Reflection:  Thanksgiving

By:  Qinglan “Helen” Guan

As many know and celebrate, a special day in the United States is Thanksgiving. It is held on the fourth Thursday in November, and is a time to give thanks.

As is the tradition of Thanksgiving, all are encouraged to to express their gratitude to and for others, as well as for their many blessings on Thanksgiving Day.  However, perhaps we should express that gratitude every day. Being grateful and showing gratitude to and for others regularly makes every day more meaningful. Perhaps it is a little thing, such as picking up the pen someone dropped, lifting a heavy box for someone or offering your seat on the bus. No matter how large or small an expression of gratitude is, it is always important to express thanks for family, friends, and our many blessings!

Taking a Moment for Faith:  

The Freshman and Sophomore Retreat

By:  Brianna Bailey, ‘19

The 2016 Freshman and Sophomore Retreat was held on November 4, 2016 in the school gym.  During the retreat, guest speaker, Sister Lisa, delivered a unique and entertaining presentation about her past and present missionary work.  She spoke about her experiences meeting and helping underprivileged children in foreign countries. She also incorporated energetic songs and sing-a-longs, while also encouraging all students to participate in her discussion.  

After her presentation, students were divided into small groups, each led by a faculty member.  In the small groups, students completed faith-based worksheets that illustrated the many works of Jesus, as well as the impact students wish to leave upon this earthly world.  Once the worksheets were completed, Sister Lisa and Father Quan treated all in attendance to a “teaching mass,” with the help of student volunteers.  During the mass, Sister Lisa explained the mass and used Father Quan to demonstrate each individual part of the mass.

The retreat ended at noon and all in attendance left for the weekend with a renewed sense of faith and spirituality.

The Annual Robotics Quizzo Fundraiser

By:  Alina Song, ‘18

On October 28, 2016, the McDevitt Robotics Club hosted its annual Quizzo competition fundraiser. As has become custom, participants dressed in various themes, ranging from unique and quirky takes on the hit Netflix original series, “Stranger Things” to creative puns, such as the “Quizz-knows.”  Keeping with tradition, the questions were difficult and contained content from nearly every aspect of life, such as history, literature, pop culture, movies, music, and other general and specific knowledge.

While the night was spent well with everyone enjoying themselves, the preparation beforehand was extensive.  The Robotics members spent hours preparing food, drinks, and prizes for the night.  Each member also held a special job during the competition.  For example, I am a member of the team and my job was one of hostess.  I met many of my friends’ family members and teachers.  Once all participants entered, the team members and I walked around, making sure no one cheated.  (In fact, no one used a cell phone, which I greatly appreciated).

By the end of night, many participants walked away winners.  Some won the overall competition, while others, such as the “Smarter Things” teacher table, won “Best Table Theme,” and still others walked away with incredible raffle prizes.  Needless to say, the night was a great success and all of the Robotics team members, myself included, appreciate the continued support from the McDevitt community.


1st Edition November , 2016

  Preparing for the SATs:  Kahn Academy

Alina Song, ‘18

It’s that time of year again–standardized testing time!  With the PSATs in the very recent past and the SATs in the very recent future for many, preparing for the tests is at the forefront of many students’ minds.  Luckily, a free, world-class education and test preparation resource is available for everyone, everywhere–the Kahn Academy.

As mentioned above, the Kahn Academy is available to all, free of charge.  It is an online resource that provides educational videos and exercises in a variety of subjects. The site does require membership, but once signed in, members are able to study anything they want online, as well as through the app.

The Khan Academy was founded by Salman Khan, who is often the professor of these videos. Salman Kahn’s interpretation and explanation of the subjects are carefully designed and illustrated.  

To provide first-hand experience, resident Royalist staff member, Alina Song, ‘18, details her experience using the resource.  Song states, “I studied math, chemistry and physics. Personally, I found Khan to be very patient, and I was able to learn plenty of knowledge from it. Because I didn’t have American textbooks, Khan Academy helped me a lot.”  Song also offers advice to all students.  She suggests, “Find the chapter that you study, and he will resolve difficulties. He is pretty meticulous on work. Khan gives clear ‘solve’ steps [so] that you can [understand] where your [difficulties are]. You can learn it completely by yourself.”

The value of the Kahn Academy has also been expressed and emphasized throughout the school by the Bishop McDevitt administration and faculty.  In fact, during the first McDevitt Interactive Day (MID Day), all members of the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes spent time becoming members and exploring the many features of the site.  The use of the Kahn Academy for test preparation, as well as a supplemental resource, is encouraged by many faculty members across many subject areas.

To check out the resource for yourself, click on the following link:

Bishop McDevitt Homecoming Dance

By:  Brianna Bailey, ‘19

To end a week full of exciting and amusing homecoming festivities, Bishop McDevitt held it’s annual Homecoming Dance on Friday, October 7, 2016. The theme this year was the 1970s.  In the spirit of the ‘70s, many students wore tye-dye and other fashions from the ‘70s era. As is custom during the dance, members of the Homecoming Court made their grand entrance and the Homecoming King and Queen were crowned.

Throughout the week, members of the senior Homecoming Court spent their free time raising money for the Daniel Sweeney ‘05 Memorial Scholarship Fund.  The male and female senior students to raise the most money by Friday evening won the title of Homecoming King and Queen respectively.

This year’s winners were Max Bryson and Vanessa DiBucci. Although Bryson and DiBucci individually raised the most money for the scholarship fund, the entire senior homecoming court raised over $2000–quite an impressive feat!

After the announcement of the King and Queen, the dance continued on with a unique mixture of ‘70s and present-day music.  All in attendance enjoyed their evening, dancing the night away and preparing for the big game on Saturday.


The Lancer Lounge

By: Kiara DeVore, ‘17

Are you tired of overpriced lunches, or in desperate need of a copybook, but you don’t want to go to Staples to buy one? If your answers are “yes,” then you are in luck!  Just come to the Lancer Lounge!

The Lancer Lounge, located in the school cafeteria, is a proud addition to the Bishop McDevitt community.  Under the supervision and guidance of Mr. Moffo and Mr. Steck, the Lancer Lounge is proud to be run and maintained by its student body via the Entrepreneur Club. The Lancer Lounge provides supplies, apparel, and food for its students.  Recently, the store has begun its lunch combos: Poptart, chips and drink for $2.00; and Uncrustables, chips and drink for $3.50. Hot Pockets are also available for individual sale as well as a combo meal.

The Lancer Lounge does not strictly serve just the current students and faculty of Bishop McDevitt. Members of the alumni are able to purchase special alumni apparel through the store. Current apparel include: t-shirts (short and long) and blankets. Other items sold vary from Bishop McDevitt car magnets to coffee mugs.

Working in the Lancer Lounge is a great experience that can be used to better prepare students for life in the real world of business. During their time as employees, students learn management skills, time keeping, accounting, how to work a cash register, customer service, and teamwork in a business environment. These are skills that are useful in the work industry and can help to push a job-seeking student above the competition.

“The Business of America is Business”

-Calvin Coolidge

The Leadership Ceremony

By:  Kelly Keaton, ‘ 17

Bishop McDevitt is filled with students who strive to take initiative within our school community. On September 30, those efforts were recognized during the Student Council and Student Leader Installation Ceremony. The ceremony began with opening remarks by our principal, Ms. Kirby, and our Student Council President, Madeline Ochabillo ‘17.

All of the Student Council members were recognized and installed, as well as the Student Ambassadors. Club leaders were also recognized during the ceremony. Once each leader was formally recognized, all newly installed members recited the following Leadership Pledge together:

I promise to do my best to represent the tradition of Bishop McDevitt High School at all times. I will be open to all students: to their suggestions, needs, and concerns. I will strive, with the help of God, to serve as an instrument of unity for the Bishop McDevitt Community. Helping to nourish strong bonds among students, faculty, and administration, I ask the guidance of the Holy Spirit as I strive to be a leader by serving the needs of others.

The ceremony concluded with a few final remarks by our President, Mr. Finley ‘69, who encouraged all students to continue to do their best and lead in all ways possible. With that, the entire student body stood to recite the Alma Mater and to congratulate all of the newly installed student leaders for the 2016-2017 school year.

Student Ambassadors


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