Wyncote, PA — Bishop McDevitt High School is very pleased to announce that our
Board of Directors and the Superintendent for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia have
approved an important new initiative designed to prepare our students for the unique set
of challenges confronting our society today.

Commencing with the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Bishop McDevitt High School
will offer every student the opportunity to participate in the 21st Century School at
McDevitt. This unique addition to our standard curriculum will provide our students the
technological skills necessary to be successful professionals, a global perspective that
allows our students to understand those socio-political and economic forces and
relationships that define our world today, and a collection of project-based learning
(PBL) courses designed to empower our students to become creative problem-solvers and
productive team members. In addition, students who choose to pursue the 21st Century
School track will be encouraged to participate in our newly developed internship program
designed to allow our students to apply those skills developed in the classroom to real-
world needs in our community.

This important initiative has been buoyed by the very generous gift of $50,000 from our
Board Chair, Timothy Speiss (Partner-In-Charge of the EisnerAmper LLP National
Personal Wealth Advisors Practice) who has committed these funds to launch the 21st
Century School at McDevitt. Speaking of this important new initiative, Mr. Speiss

We are very pleased to announce Bishop McDevitt High School’s new 21st Century School initiative commencing in September 2018. As we strive to ensure our students are best prepared for their college and university experiences, we are focused on exposing students to new collaborative technology platforms, providing them a global perspective, and certifying that all our graduates possess a firm foundation in problem-solving.

Given the varied and many careers in STEM that now drive the world’s economy, it is also essential that our students are provided a curriculum that exposes them to these critical disciplines. Indeed, STEM careers are growing at a rate of 24% compared to 4% for non-STEM career paths, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Economics and Statistics Administration. Moreover, women make up a significant percentage of this STEM career growth.

With no increase in annual tuition, starting in the 2018-2019 school year the Bishop McDevitt 21st Century School initiative will be integrated into the core curriculum for all freshman students. We will also be establishing separate programs for 6th through 8th graders to enable them to participate in the Bishop McDevitt STEM programming.

We are confident that Bishop McDevitt’s 21st Century School initiative will be an extraordinary experiential learning opportunity able to best prepare and position our students for successful university studies of their choice. In addition, this program will enable McDevitt graduates to acquire a head start on U.S. and international careers in STEM – the careers of the future in our global economy.

The 21st Century School at McDevitt will provide our students relevant skills and
experiences immediately connected to the problems and needs facing our community, as
well as more robust, meaningful, and unique learning opportunities that will lead to better
college applications and greatly enhance the skillset of McDevitt graduates better
preparing them to enter the workforce.

In addition to a specially designed technology course established to provide those skills
necessary to be collaborative teammates in a project-based learning course and a global
perspectives course designed to enable our students to make important connections
between community needs and global issues, students in the 21st Century School at
McDevitt will complete the “Frosh Boot Camp” prior to the start of Freshman year
introducing each to 21st Century Learning and mapping out a set of educational, spiritual,
physical, and personal goals for their high school years. (This daylong orientation will
also include a wealth of other critical information essential to set our students up for
success.) These students will complete their 21st Century School track with a capstone
course their Senior year designed to emphasize leadership skills, review their high school
goals established during the Frosh Boot Camp, and create a new set of goals to guide
their post-high school career.

As a result, our incoming Freshman class for the 2018-2019 school year will be the first
eligible to earn a special distinction at graduation recognizing their achievements in
completing all facets of the 21st Century School at McDevitt. The 21st Century School
graduate from McDevitt will be better equipped to compete in a world where
technological skills are foundational, a global community is the reality, and collaboration
is paramount for addressing those problems impacting communities.

Through the 21st Century School at McDevitt, students will be eligible to take courses

  • Media Arts
  • Coding
  • Robotics
  • Veterinary Science
  • Public Safety
  • Animation
  • Community Health

These unique course offerings will be connected to internship opportunities where skills
and knowledge developed in the classroom will be applied to support community

We are most excited to launch this new addition to our curriculum, and believe it offers a
uniquely transformative path for members of the Class of 2022 at Bishop McDevitt High

Media Contact:
Kelly Keane
Director of Institutional Advancement
215-887-5575 ext. 233

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