Dr. McCormack, IHM: Positive Identity Formation for Teens

Bishop McDevitt High School is very happy to announce a special event to be held at the school on the evening of April 10th. Dr. Patricia M. McCormack, IHM, a nationally known expert on the maturation process of teenagers, will present on “Accompanying Parents through the Teen Years.”

Forming identity is the most serious function of adolescence, the period between ages 12 and 25. Without a well-formed identity a person will encounter one problem after another during adult life. With a well-formed identity a person demonstrates a sense of being at home with self and experiencing a sameness in personality although operating in a variety of roles.

Dr. McCormack has traveled the country helping parents better understand the developmental stages of the teenage years and those important benchmarks that identify progress toward maturation. In addition, Dr. McCormack provides tools and resources for parents to assist their teens through this maturation process.

Please see the attached materials for a better understanding of what will be discussed during this important event.

All are welcome. And the event is free. Please share this information with any parent who might be interested in attending.