GOAL: $500,000

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Tuition Assistance$250,000
Course Development$84,000
Professional Development$35,000
Capital Improvements$43,650

Tuition Assistance

100% of these funds will be used to provide financial assistance for McDevitt students. In order for us to grow enrollment at mcDevitt it is necessary to have financial support in place for both existing and incoming students. Currently 3 out of 4 McDevitt students receive financial support. Tuition competitive advantage when recruiting students.


Central of all 4 capital improvement projects will be an investment in the necessary technology to enable these renovations to truly serve the student’s needs in the 21st Century School. SmartBoards, Macintosh Computers, Adobe Suite Software, and modern production equipment to record and broadcast through the TV Studio will greatly enhance the ability of McDevitt students to acquire the technical skills required for today.

Course Development

A key feature of the 21st Century School at McDevitt will be the creation of a series of unique electives. All of these courses will use the Project-Based-Learning (PBL) model. These funds will be used to support the creation of these courses, which include Public Safety, Community Health, Robotics, Media Arts, Coding, Veterinary Science, et al.

Capital Improvements

Through this campaign we will renovate 4 specific spaces at McDevitt to facilitate the 21st Century School initiative. These funds ill be used to modernize the WMcD TV Studio, transform the library into the Lancer Legacy Room, create a specifically designed 21st Century Classroom, and develop a new McDevitt Media Lab.

Professional Development

These funds will be invested in specialized training for the McDevitt faculty. As we work to incorporate this new learning model (Project-Based Learning) into our curriculum we must invest in providing the training necessary to ensure that our teachers can be successful in executing these new courses.


It is important that we maintain our current student-to-teacher ratio to ensure our students receive the 1on1 attention required for successful instruction. In order to provide the new range of Project-Based Learning (PBL) electives, we will need to augment our existing faculty by hiring “adjunct” teachers to instruct some PBL electives. These adjunct costs will be absorbed into the regular school budget starting in year 4 of the initiative.