Commencing with the start of the 2018-2019 school year, Bishop McDevitt Catholic High School will offer every student the opportunity to participate in the 21st Century School at McDevitt.  This unique addition to our standard curriculum will provide our students the technological skills necessary to be successful professionals, a global perspective that allows our students to understand those socio-political and economic forces and relationships that define our world today, and a collection of project-based learning (PBL) courses designed to empower our students to become creative problem-solvers and productive team members.  In addition, students who choose to pursue the 21st Century School track will be encouraged to participate in our newly developed internship program designed to allow our students to apply those skills developed in the classroom to real-world needs in our community.

The 21st Century School at McDevitt will provide our students relevant skills and experiences immediately connected to the problems and needs facing our community, as well as more robust, meaningful, and unique learning opportunities that will lead to better college applications and greatly enhance the skillset of McDevitt graduates better preparing them to enter the workforce.

Our incoming Freshman class for the 2018-2019 school year will be the first eligible to earn a special distinction at graduation recognizing their achievements in completing all facets of the 21st Century School at McDevitt.  The 21st Century School graduate from McDevitt will be better equipped to compete in a world where technological skills are foundational, a global community is the reality, and collaboration is paramount for addressing those problems impacting communities.


The foundation of everything we do at McDevitt are those Catholic values that inform every decision we make.  Our core project is to equip our students with the critical and spiritual framework through which they can guide their lives.  As a result, every aspect of the 21st Century School at McDevitt will be infused with the moral and ethical teachings that define the Catholic worldview.

To say that we are Catholic is to proclaim that we believe in Redemption and the power of reconciliation.  It is to proclaim that we recognize the Presence of God in this world, and the gift of grace made real through the Sacraments.  It is to proclaim that all human beings were created to be free from oppression, that through community we are meant to strive for the Common Good, and that every human life has an inherent God-given value that cannot impinged upon and must be respected.  It is to possess a fundamental disposition of Hope grounded in the belief that Christ died for our salvation providing us a path to our own resurrection.

Through these values, the 21st Century School will be realized and elevated.

Project-Based Learning

Project-Based Learning (PBL) is more than just a teaching method. It’s a revitalization of education for students so they can develop both intellectually and emotionally. By using real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems, students gain useful knowledge and skills that translate directly to the world outside the classroom. The goals of using complex questions or problems is to develop and enhance student learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, and self-management.  The project’s proposed question drives students to make their own decisions, perform their own research, and review their own and fellow students’ process/projects.

​In addition to finding resources, developing project timelines, and learning to overcome obstacles, students have the opportunity to publicly display their work. Displaying their completed projects in public gives the students the chance to grow their public speaking and presentation skills while explaining their project’s outcome to individuals outside of the classroom.

Project-Based Learning will provide McDevitt students the opportunity to work as teams to solve real-world problems.  As a result, our students will be better prepared to function in the world as productive employees and citizens.

Technology Driven

In order to provide McDevitt students with technological skills that are relevant, useful, and in-demand we have chosen the Adobe Creative Suite as a central learning platform for the new Technology Course.  In 2018, high school students need to be provided an assortment of technological skills that are directly translatable to the workplace they will encounter upon graduation.  Moreover, we can equip our students with a technological skillset that allows them to be able to confront the unique challenges facing our current and future workforce.

By learning how to use the Adobe Creative Suite students will become fluent in creating and using a wealth of media and design tools, will gain an understanding of basics visual and online marketing strategies and techniques, and become adept at utilizing analytics to determine the effectiveness of their media and marketing efforts.  The world today is dominated more than ever by media.  Social, political, and corporate media directly impacts nearly every realm of life today.  We believe we can equip our students to not only successfully navigate this often overwhelming communications landscape, but to become positive and productive forces able to shape the conversations impacting our society in a way that is driven by Catholic values.

An essential goal of the 21st Century School is to make our students responsible media creators and consumers.  To accomplish this critical task we will utilize the Google platform for educational instruction and collaboration, instruct our students in how to create productive and positive media through using the Adobe Creative Suite, and empower them to apply a Catholic lens when learning, collaborating, and creating media.

Global Perspective

We live in a world more interconnected than at any point in human history.  As a result there are global problems that impact our lives at the community level.  To be a leader and an agent of change in the 21st Century, individuals must understand the unique and complex issues that influence our economics, politics, and social relations.

Central to our effort to provide McDevitt students with a global perspective is to help them understand how the emergent global economy has made countries increasingly more interrelated and interdependent.   Understanding the economic foundations of international relations is critical for being able to make well-informed decisions as an employee, employer, citizen, and parent.

As a result, the 21st Century School at McDevitt will educate students with the global understanding necessary to address the challenges of our interdependent world.  We will empower our students to not only understand how global issues affect our world at the local level, but also how we can act at the local level to address global issues.