Project-Based Learning (PBL) is more than just a teaching method. It’s a revitalization of education for students so they can develop both intellectually and emotionally. By using real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems, students gain useful knowledge and skills that translate directly to the world outside the classroom. The goals of using complex questions or problems is to develop and enhance student learning by encouraging critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, collaboration, and self-management.  The project’s proposed question drives students to make their own decisions, perform their own research, and review their own and fellow students’ process/projects.

​In addition to finding resources, developing project timelines, and learning to overcome obstacles, students have the opportunity to publicly display their work. Displaying their completed projects in public gives the students the chance to grow their public speaking and presentation skills while explaining their project’s outcome to individuals outside of the classroom.

Project-Based Learning will provide McDevitt students the opportunity to work as teams to solve real-world problems.  As a result, our students will be better prepared to function in the world as productive employees and citizens.

For more information on the Framework for 21st Century Learning, visit P21 – The Partnership for 21st Century Learning.