Anniversary Message

Dear McDevitt Family,

16,914.  That is how many individuals have been shaped by the hallowed halls of our beloved Bishop McDevitt High School over the last 59 years. 16,914.
Over the course of the last six decades, McDevitt has forged an unbreakable chain of men and women whose lives have impacted this world in ways we will never be able to fully calculate or explain.  Everyone who is part of this chain, however, innately understands  just how important that impact has been for individuals, families, organizations, and communities.  Together we make this a better world. Together we bring forth God’s love daily, and anew.
As we march toward our 60th Anniversary and continue to forge the latest links in this remarkable chain, let us pause today and remember how powerful we are as a community linked by shared traditions, experiences, triumphs, and losses.  Let us remember the impact this school and our lives have in this world.  Let us remember that McDevitt matters.
In this coming year, we will begin to celebrate the six decades that define McDevitt.  Indeed, in late February we will host an All Decades Dance Party at McDevitt that will turn every floor of the school into a dance hall dedicated to a different decade from our history.  This festive evening will commence a series of events over the course of 2018 dedicated to giving all of us an opportunity to celebrate the amazing contributions our school has made to this  world.  I invite all of you to make a special effort in the coming year to find your way back to McDevitt, take part in one of the many celebrations we have planned, and revel in the pride you have so rightly earned by helping shape the story of Bishop McDevitt High School.
Together we are a great chain bound together by a faith that makes us strong enough to transform this world and play a role in bringing forth God’s Kingdom.
Happy Birthday McDevitt!  16,914 links strong – and growing!
Matthew T. Powell