The Guidance Department serves the academic, social, psychological, spiritual and emotional needs of its students and is continually mindful that,”What you do to these the least of My brethern you do unto Me.”

The primary mission of the Guidance Department is to facilitate the maximum development of each student. The services offered are concerned with identity, maturity, problem solving, conflict resolution, decision-making, academic excellence, college, and career choices. Counselors are available throughout the day to meet with students. A student may make an appointment to see a counselor by filling out a form in the Guidance Office.

Guidance Counselors

Mrs. Carole Anne Dominello
215-887-5575 x234
Freshmen A to Gl  , all Seniors, PCC and Maguire
Mrs. Maria McDermott
15-887-5575 x243
Freshmen Go-O and all Juniors


Services offered by the school include the following:

The Youth At Peace Program takes place in “CHILLVILLE”. It is a comfortable and safe place for students to “chill” as well as learn about themselves and deal with adolescent issues. Students will respect the confidentiality rules, and be respectful to others while attending sessions. Students are called to Chillville with a unique “Chillville pass” in the same manner as from every other school office. Academic priority exists here except for a student in crisis (determined by program director). The Youth At Peace Program is a United Way Donor Option #008441. We will appreciate your support.

PERSONAL COUNSELING is to help a student gain better self-awareness. Personal counseling objectives are effective self-confidence, decision making, problem solving, goal setting, and human relations skills. Guidance Counselors, (School and Intermediate Unit) and the School Minister provide these services.

CAREER COUNSELING provides information regarding personal requirements for non-college institutes of post-secondary learning, as well as for various fields of vocational endeavor. Counselors also help students come to responsible decisions regarding vocational choices.

COLLEGE COUNSELING provides information regarding college entrance requirements and sources of financial aid. Counselors aid students in making responsible judgments regarding the selection of appropriate college choices and assist students in their search for grants and scholarships. The Guidance Director prepares the complete college package to be sent to college admission offices. The Naviance Program is available to all students.

ACADEMIC COUNSELING to assist the student in making responsible decisions regarding course selections. Counselors interview students who are not achieving their full academic potential in order to assist them. Auxiliary Services State funding provides auxiliary services administered through the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. These services are supplementary to basic school services, and are comprised of personnel, materials, and rental facilities. The Intermediate Unit trailers are located outside on either side of the cafeteria wing. Services available through the Intermediate Unit include counseling, tutorial mathematics and reading, psychological testing/evaluation (on a limited basis), and speech therapy (on a limited basis). Bishop McDevitt High School participates, where available, in TITLE 1 programs offered by the various public school districts. SAP Team The Student Assistance Program is a State-mandated program to identify and assist students at risk from depression and suicide, drugs and alcohol. The staff is trained by the Intermediate Unit and consists of Administrators, School Minister, Guidance Director, Counselors, School Nurse, and Teachers who volunteer their time.

College/Career Services Up-to-date information is available to all students in the Guidance Suite. A special computerized resource data base provides the latest information on post high school programs, scholarships, career and job search. An annual College Fair hosts representatives from more than a hundred post high school institutions for easy access to students and their parents. During the College Fair, financial aid forms will be explained. CollegeBoard Bishop McDevitt High School is a test center twice a year for the SAT I and the SAT II. School Code: 395-396 Special preparation for the CollegeBoard is available through Educational Testing & Tutorial Center, Kaplan, and the Princeton Review. Counselors interview and assist students in need of reaching their full academic potential. Special effort is made to help students who have received a failure warning. It is strongly advised that students prepare for the ACT/SAT through the free programs such as Naviance and the CollegeBoard. Private, costly, programs such as The Princeton Review, Kaplan, The Kahn Academy On-Line, and the Educational Testing Center may be more beneficial for some students. Revised August, 2015 Reminder: The Guidance Director will mail, e-mail or FAX transcripts only to colleges and universities and scholarship programs. No transcripts may go home. This includes official as well as unofficial transcripts. This rule protects the integrity of your transcript. . If for any reason you do not wish your son’s/daughter’s name be given to the military you need to put that in writing and submit it to the Guidance Office by the end of September. Under the “Every Child Succeeds Act” we must give the military a list of juniors and seniors names, addresses, and phone numbers. You as parents or guardians can opt out by letter stating that you don’t want your child’ name given.

Standardized Testing The standardized testing program includes the Performance Series, the Achievement Series, the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory, the NRCCUA Career Survey, the PSAT, ACT and the SAT. Other specialized testing is available through the Intermediate Unit.  Please sign up now at Be sure to choose four schools that you want the ACTs sent to. McDevitt’s code is 395 396 be sure to add it.

College Applications Students should submit college applications and transcript requests to the Guidance Office at least three weeks prior to the application deadline. Students should bring in an envelope addressed to the college with sufficient postage for mailing. Students should also be sensitive to the time constraints of persons writing letters of recommendation and should submit these requests a minimum of four weeks prior to the application deadline.

Where do I start?

Where to Start – Mrs. Dominello’s Checklist

Tips and Information:

  • Apply online & bring an envelope addressed as in my last note
  • Don’t wait for SAT/ACT results to apply. Get busy now.
  • Remember that you are NOT permitted to take a transcript out of this building.
  • Watch the deadlines! The office needs advanced notice on sending things.
  • Please bring any notices of scholarship monies to any & all schools you may have applied.
  • Take the ACT/SAT as many times as you can until you get a score that satisfies you.
  • Athletes: You need to be admitted to the school where there is interest in you for a sport.
  • Make sure you approach your teachers for a letter of recommendation.

College Scholarship Information- Click here

“Every Child Succeeds Act” Information
***If you do not wish the military to acquire your son’s or daughter’s name and address, you must submit the request in writing to Mrs. Dominello in the Guidance Office before October 31st.

FAX the request to 215-887-1371. Include name, maiden name if applicable, graduation date, company requesting name and your FAX number for us to respond. There is a $5.00 fee for verification! Contact Mrs. Hayes at Ext. 224 for more information.

*Cardinal Doughtery transcripts are also available in our Business Office.