The goal of the Mathematics program is to help students develop a sense of logical thinking and to acquire facility in understanding and applying mathematical techniques. Attainment of this goal is based on the premise that the INITIAL step in learning takes place in the classroom, but that the student is responsible for reinforcing the daily classroom presentation with at LEAST one-half hour of homework EACH evening. Realizing the value of the computer as a useful tool in any discipline, the members of the department strive to introduce software that is appropriate for the particular subject matter.

Thorough college preparatory courses are offered for students who hope to pursue a college education. All mathematics courses follow the Common Core Standards. Although students are required to take three years of Mathematics, many colleges prefer four years. Some also require Trigonometry.

A graphing calculator will be needed for all courses. The Mathematics teachers recommend the TI84 calculator. Students will gain facility with its use and ultimately they will be able to decide when the use of technology is appropriate.