“To teach as Jesus taught” and “to teach the Good News of Jesus Christ” are the goals of the Theology Department. Theology courses are presented in the academic, spiritual, experiential, and practical way. Looking at each student as an individual – unique, and coming from his/her own experience of education – and holistically (academically, spiritually, emotionally, and physically), the department provides the appropriate knowledge and environment for a dynamic learning experience. The Theology Department understands the high standards to be met by the educators and educated alike, for we are all “servants not as man pleases, but as the servants of Christ doing the will of God from the heart,” (Ephesians 6.16) In this way, the Theology courses strive to bring the message of hope to students so that they may achieve a vital relationship with Christ and share with others the Gospel’s view of love and service. It is important that each student learns the simple truth, as John’s Gospel so clearly points out, that God sent His only Son that all might have eternal life. Through education, reflection, study and prayer, each student will hear the words of God’s love for him/her and the desire to live out that love.