The World Language Department is committed to preparing students to compete in an ever-increasing global society. Second language acquisition is a skill necessary for careers and for life in the 21st century. Barbara Wallraff in her article “What Global Language?” from the November 2000 issue of The Atlantic Monthly states that “English isn’t managing to sweep all else before it—and if it ever does become the universal language, many of those who speak it won’t understand each other.”

Because language and communication are essential keys to student’s success, the main objective of all programs will be gradual and guided acquisition of speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. All programs will use the customs and literary heritage of the language being studied as material in the development of these skills. The completion of the program will provide students with the proficiency necessary for continued language learning at the university level and will give students the extra edge in their careers. The majority of freshmen are rostered for Spanish. Most colleges and universities require at least two years of study for admission.