Art Club

Moderator, Sister Mary Boyer,

The Art Club welcomes all students . The purpose is threefold: enrichment, socialization and service. Meeting the second Tuesday monthly, students generate activities that include drawing, crafts, Art Alum visits, nursing home gifts, our Christmas Party, field trips, etc. Certificates are awarded to those who attend 6 of the 9 meetings, allowing for Fall sports people to participate.

Concert Band
Moderator, Mr. Steven Morrisette,

Students with prior instrumental experience can play together in an concert band ensemble after school. The band performs 2 major concerts a year and performs pep band music at sports events. Those interested in learning a musical instrument with no prior experience can sign up for 8th period music for an introductory course to playing a band instrument.

Practice : (Tuesday/Thursday)


All students are encouraged to join the terrific McDevitt Choir, regardless of their singing or performing experience.  This outstanding team of singers meet throughout the year and comes together to perform concerts in the Winter and Spring with songs from all genres, including Pop, Rock, Country, Church, Broadway, and more!  If you love singing, music, performing – or want to learn more about all three – and love working with awesome, fun people then this is the club for you!


Our robotics team competes under the name E=mcD (team 3974) in the FRC division of FIRST the robotics organization. This is the largest and most challenging robotics competition in the word with over 3,000 teams from 15 countries. The competition season starts the first week in January when the team must construct a new custom robot in only 6 weeks. During Feb and March competitions are held on weekends with 40 to 60 teams in attendance. Our team has had great success. We qualified for the Mid Atlantic Championship in 4 out of 5 years and reached the playoff level at the world championships in 2015. During the fall the team attends on day “off season” events to keep sharp. The team is open to all students. Our robot build shop is on the campus of Arcadia University.

Join Robotics

TV Club
Moderator, Mrs. Annmarie Heaps,

Bishop McDevitt has its own TV studio, and it’s called WMCD.  Fr. Quan serves as the club’s moderator, and the president for 2015-16 is senior Catherine Oberholzer.  The WMCD TV Studio not only reads the daily announcements over the classroom televisions in each home room, but must make sure that the camera and the sound-board project a good picture and a good sound. WMCD TV Studio keeps the students, faculty, and administration up to date with the school’s news stories, and day-to-day activities.  Fr. Quan begins each morning brroadcast with a daily prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. TV Studio has become a fantastic way to start each school day.


Mathletes meets are the first Monday of each month starting in October until March. We travel to various high schools for the meets. We typically meet for practice two days before each meet. Anyone can join!

The Royal Masque Drama Club

Produces a full-scale musical each spring, complete with all the vocal harmonies, flawless dancing, and glitzy costumes you can imagine! Can’t sing? We’ll teach you! Can’t dance? We’ll teach you! Can’t act? We’ll teach you! All that’s needed is the willingness to work hard and become someone else for a few hours as you perform on stage for hundreds of people. You’ll work hard, but you’ll have a blast!

Stage Crew

Stage Crew is the perfect club for anyone who loves working with their hands, creating something out of nothing. Whether you’re interested in carpentry or painting, lighting boards or microphones, stage crew is made for people who love solving problems. Working behind-the-scenes on a full-scale musical production each year, Royal Masque Stage Crew will give you a sense of pride that you’ve never felt before. It’s hard work, but it’s work worth doing!

Best Friends Club
Moderator, Mrs. Kathy Maher,

Best Friends is a club in which McDevitt and OLC students spend time together by making crafts, playing games or watching movies. We also have a Best Friends dance that brings both school communities together.
Meetings are 2 Thursdays a month (listen to announcements for exact dates)

Time: 1:20 – 2:10

Student Council
Moderator, Mrs. Joan Kearney,

Student Council is a student run organization that serves as the voice of the student body. The Senior Officers are elected in the spring of their Junior year, and are voted on by the whole student body. The Executive Board Members (class officers) are elected in the spring, and are voted on by their individual grade. The Committee Chairs are selected by the moderator,the class officers, and the executive board. Homeroom representatives are elected in the fall, and are voted on by their homeroom.  Student Council is responsible for running dances, pep rallies, spirit week and Catholic Schools Week, Dancing with the Teachers, etc.

Key Club
Moderator, Mrs. Joan Kearney,

Key Club is a student run organization that organizes and carries out numerous community service projects throughout the year. The Officers are elected in the spring so they can begin planning the events for the following year. The Key Club is responsible for the canned food drive, Christmas toy collections, sock drives, and many more community service projects.

Irish Club
Moderator, Mrs. Joan Kearney,

Irish Club is a student run organization that promotes and celebrates the Irish Culture. It is open to all students. Meetings are usually held once a month. The club does various activities like Irish crafts, making Irish Potatoes, dancing, etc.

The Royalist

The Royalist is McDevitt’s student run newspaper. If you are interested in journalism or just writing about the happenings of your school then this is the club for you. Meetings take place on Tuesdays from 2:30 to 3:30.

World Affairs Club 

Students in the World Affairs Club discuss topics from a world perspective and relate it to their own lives and the lives of Americans.  Highlights include United Nations Day typically celebrated in October for the UN charter, and Christmas soirée celebrated with the Brothers of Charity before Christmas.  Additionally the club will have field trips to explore Philadelphia and beyond. Meetings are every other Wednesday from 6-8 pm in the school library.

Black Student Union

Students in the BSU meet every other Friday after school to discuss issues in American life that surrounds young black men and women.  In February students will decorate the hall case with black history and have black music Fridays and black fact Friday in February.  This is a new club and look to expand with this years and next years officers.

School of Rock

Moderator, Mr. Karl Stout,

Students get together  and play music they appreciate.  They meet in the band room Mondays and Wednesdays after school and jam.  This club is still in the stages of trying to fill out the band,contact  student Leader is Matt Corrigan for more information.

Chess Club

Moderator, Mr. Karl Stout,

An informal environment where students can get together and socialize while playing chess. The range of players goes from novice to good.  Student Leader- James Lewis. All are welcome.

League of Legends
Moderator, Mr. Karl Stout,

Students get together to talk about strategies of the game.  Meeting days vary see Student Leader- Tai Nguyen if you would like to join.

Bowling Club
Moderator, Mr. Karl Stout,

The students meet at a local bowling lane, socializing while bowling.  Student Leader- Nicole Sharkey.

Realm Yearbook


Members of the Realm yearbook staff diligently work from September until March to provide students with an accurate snapshot of the school year. Yearbook meetings are held Monday through Wednesday until 5pm. Students choose photos, write articles and captions, and work with Photoshop and InDesign. Yearbook is a fun and challenging way for students to give their classmates memories that will last a lifetime.

The Pro-Life Club
Moderator, Kenneth Chrusch,

Pro-life Club seeks to foster and promote the culture of life within our school and to raise awareness of life related issues. Some activities of the Pro-Life Club include praying the rosary at Abington Hospital, attending pro-life conferences and rallies, and providing a prayerful presence at Planned Parenthood. The Pro-Life Club also organizes a trip to Washington DC for the annual March for Life. Last year, seventy Bishop McDevitt students attended this important event.

Beauty Club


For those interested in skin care, makeup and beauty tips, this club is for you.  Whether you know a lot about makeup, or just like the idea of it, feel free to check out the club.  The members will share their own knowledge and interests, as well as look for ideas from you.  Having just started the club this year, new members are more than welcome to join and share their love for makeup.

Women’s Leadership Club
Moderator, Mrs. Luby,

This is a club that meets 2x a month. We discuss Catholic women’s issues, and have helped to provide clothing, shoes, and accessories to a women’s shelter in Philadelphia. We belong to a “Lean-In” circle, and seek to empower the young ladies in our school to make good choices and support each other.

The Reading Olympics
Moderator, Mrs. Luby,

This club is open to any student who loves reading! We follow the reading Olympics book list provided by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, and we participate in the R.O competition every April.
The students are encouraged to read at least 5 books from the list, which they will be quizzed on at the competition. The goal of this group is to encourage and foster a love of reading.

World Language Club
Moderator, Dr. Burdiak,

The World Language Club is open to all students whether or not they are currently enrolled in a language class.   It is mainly a social club in which students have the opportunity to plan activities related to World Cultures and languages.

Dance Club
Moderator, Dr. Burdiak,

Small group of students who are interested in doing group routines and perform for school functions and pep rallies.  The group does not compete in outside activities.

Asian New Year Party
Moderator, Dr. Burdiak,

A party and demonstration of talents that is organized by interested Asian Students to celebrate the most important Holiday in the Asian calendar.  The originating and continuing purpose was to give exchange students a means to celebrate their culture and help students who may miss their homes during this important time of the year.  Highlights of the party include:  Asian food, student performances, Lion dance, Asian crafts, and door prizes.

Honor Societies

National Honor Society

To participate in National Honor Society, students must have a “90” average overall at the end of their freshmen and sophomore years. Students participate in peer mentoring, do 20 hours of community service each year, and perform a group service project. Meetings are as needed.  NHS tutoring is held every Monday and Wednesday after school.

The National Business Honors Society
Moderator, Mr. Karl Stout,

The National Business Honor Society  recognizes students 2 full years of business courses with an overall academic average over 85 and a 90 or better in conduct are invited into the National Business Honors Society. They pledge the following:

I pledge myself, Always to seek the light of truth,To hold scholarly habits,To engage in worthy service,
To lead forward in all things,And to advance the welfare of Bishop McDevitt High School.Now and Always.

The National English Honor Society
Moderator, Mrs. Luby,

Members must receive a 90 or above in English during the first and second semester grades of all years. Members must receive an average of 90 or above in all other disciplines during the first and second semester grades for all years.  In addition to this, students will be tutoring students in need of help with their English studies.

National Art Honor Society
Moderator, Sr. Mary Boyer,

Students of Art who strive for excellence are invited to membership in the National Art Honor Society. They are required to maintain a 90 average, share two hours of Artistic service to both school and community, attend monthly meetings and participate in the Fine Arts Festival in Youth Art Month-March.

Bishop McDevitt initiated our chapter in 1997 and has continued membership since then. Students pay a $3.00 membership fee that covers their membership card and access to a biannual newsletter. We meet every fourth Monday at 2:30with activities initiated by the membership: trips, art workshops, visits from graduate artists or art school representatives, planning fund raisers, etc.

Spanish Honor Society
Moderator, Dr. Burdiak,

Students from the third and fourth year Spanish classes are selected for the Spanish Honor Society if they meet the following criteria: The student must have maintained a 93 or higher average in Spanish in the Semester of selection.  The student must also have at least a 90 in Spanish in the previous 3 semesters. The student must have an overall average of 85 in the semester of selection. The student must have a cumulative semester average of at least 80 in all other subjects based on 3 previous semesters.The student must not have failed conduct neither in the semester of selection nor in the previous 3 semesters.