Support McDevitt

At a time when student outcomes are so important, we have  enhanced our curriculum,  improved our college counseling, and supported students with SAT Preparation and other established programs. There has been a dramatic increase in the number of students who received College scholarships, as well as an increase in scholarship dollars.  

 As a result, our enrollment numbers are increasing , students are more engaged, and parents feel committed and inspired.  As we look to the future, teacher professional development, rigor of academic programs, school leadership and community partnerships continue to be priorities.  

We appreciate you taking the time to explore the different ways to support Bishop McDevitt High School.

Current Initiatives:

 Scholarships and Financial aid

A Catholic education at McDevitt is upwards of $8,000 a year which is a hardship for many families. Students who choose a Catholic education often times have financial struggles that keep them from starting and finishing their education at McDevitt. We would like to be able to provide support for  any student who desires a Catholic education.

College experiences to ready our students for the next step

Through our partnership with Arcadia University, McDevitt offers four college credit courses per school year to our students. We offer these courses to our Juniors and Seniors at a greatly reduced rate, while funding the majority of  the cost of the program.   It’s a great way to experience the workload and expectations of a college course. Especially those who are 1st generation College bound.

Meeting the academic needs and expectations of each student

The addition of an ACE (Alliance for Catholic Education) Teaching Fellow allows McDevitt to meet the needs of each student, and create the individualized attention needed for success.  The ACE program provides an innovative instructional model to bolster and develop strong English and Math skills, while helping students unlock their full potential. Bishop McDevitt teachers create instructional programs to meet the unique needs of each student, whether it’s extra support or the challenge of an AP Course. This state of education and our mission as a Catholic school to make the best education available to our students, independent of financial situations, leads us to call on you for support.

Providing the opportunities for a fulfilling student experience

With over 30 clubs, and  18 Varsity sports teams there are many opportunities for our students to be involved and build relationships that last a lifetime. These relationships have always been and continue to be the Hallmark of a McDevitt education. Whether you were an athlete, involved in the school show, robotics , band or  forensics, these activities help mold young adults into leaders. Without our alumni support the achievements of winning a championship, building a robot  or performing on stage in front of an audience would not be possible.