Clearance Requirements

Every adult volunteer who interacts directly with McDevitt students must have all Clearances on file in the Principal’s Office.  There are no exceptions.

Volunteers have to redo their clearances every five (5) years and the exception for “casual volunteers” no longer exists so that any person who volunteers and is engaged with students even once needs their clearances.

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The following clearances are required for volunteers:

  1. PA Criminal Background Check:
  • FREE for all volunteers
  • Locate the yellow button on the main page that says “New Record Check” with the words “volunteers only” in red to the right
  • Clicking on this button allows for volunteers to run their check free of charge
  1. PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FREE for all volunteers
  • When completing online via the Compass site, as long as the individual has identifies him/herself as a volunteer when they begin the application, the fee will be waived.
  1. Federal Fingerprint Check (FBI):
  • Click on the Pennsylvania Department of Education box
  • Find a Fingerprint Location close to you & make an appointment
  • McDevitt School ID: AUN#2-23-46-070-2
  • Provide the McDevitt Service Code: 1KG6V5
    If you have been a permanent resident of PA for the last 10 years you can provide a signed Disclosure Form instead of your fingerprints.  (A pdf version of this form is available below.)

o   Disclosure Form must be signed in front of a witness at McDevitt.

  1. Safe Environment Training:
  • This is a 2-Step Process

#1 – sign up for a training workshop at a local Catholic Parish or School

#2 – complete the online training course and print out a copy of your certificate

  • Provide a copy of both certificates to McDevitt
  • There is a one-time 90 day grace period permitted for this training.

Materials can be sent directly to:
For more information or to make an inquiry, contact Linda Cichonski: 215-887-5575 ext. 226