Lancer 4 Life Campaign

Dear Bishop McDevitt Family,
I write to you today in need of your support. As you probably know the cost of a Catholic Education is rising significantly faster than the average family income can sustain. When many of us attended Catholic Schools (myself in the ‘80’s) the tuition and fees were much more proportional to family incomes. Interestingly enough, while overall Diocesan enrollment is down, applications and inquiries into schools like Bishop McDevitt are actually increasing. It should come as no surprise that the number one reason ‘applicants’ do not become ‘students’ is due to rising tuition costs.
Our goal is to acquire (1,000) monthly recurring gifts, ideally between $10 and $100. Gifts can be one time only, or preferably, reoccurring.
Our goal here on Royal Avenue is to graduate mature, focused, and balanced adults. If classroom instruction and rigor is the meat and potatoes of that recipe, then extra curricular activities are the secret sauce. Funding from the Lancer 4 Life Program will also benefit school groups such as our nationally competitive Robotics team, our unparalleled Royal Masque Theater Department, and even our newly formed Bocce Team. This year, we were blessed to have seen the birth of a jointly sponsored Bocce Team, comprised of students from Bishop McDevitt and Our Lady of Confidence School of Special Education. This club is one of only a few in the nation.
Please know that the faculty and staff here at Bishop McDevitt are true to the spirit of this beloved institution. They work day and night to advocate for our students and families. Everyone here chips in well beyond his or her job description. They sacrifice everyday, so that the students walking these halls have the best opportunities when they leave here. Help us ensure that those seeking an education on Royal Avenue become Lancers 4 Life.