McDevitt 60th Anniversary Campaign

Dear McDevitt Family,

Today, Bishop McDevitt High School is very happy to announce a special fundraising campaign in honor of our 60th Anniversary.

The McDevitt 60th Anniversary Campaign will raise $500,000 to support the newly launched 21st Century School at McDevitt.

The 21st Century School at McDevitt will provide our students relevant skills and experiences immediately connected to the problems and needs facing our community, as well as more robust, meaningful, and unique learning opportunities that will lead to better college applications and greatly enhance the educational experience of McDevitt graduates.

The 21st Century School graduate from McDevitt will be better equipped to compete in a world where technological skills are foundational, a global community is the reality, and collaboration is paramount for addressing those problems impacting communities.

For more information about this campaign, please visit:

If you donate to McDevitt on a regular or annual basis, we ask that you consider providing an additional gift this year to support this important initiative.

If you are not currently able to give on an annual or regular basis, we ask that you consider a gift this year to support this special campaign.

Together, we can set McDevitt on course for the next 60 years!


Click here to download/print the McDevitt 60th Anniversary Campaign letter.