“Solidarity is the virtue that recognizes that we belong to each other

and therefore have a responsibility to look out for one another.”

Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle


Catholic education provides a platform for students to not only grow in knowing and loving God, but to grow in the rich understanding that they are known and loved by Him. It places an emphasis on how to live a life of love, virtue, and service with Christ as our model.  The Office of School Ministry strives to provide opportunities through which students may grow in greater relationship with themselves, God, and others.



Our beautiful and cozy Chapel is located on the third floor in the center of the building, where Jesus in The Blessed Sacrament is reserved there throughout the school year. The Chapel is open for student use during the day, and we encourage the students to utilize our community prayer basket, each time they enter this sacred space. Gatherings for prayer services with teams and clubs occur from time to time, as well as Penance Services that are scheduled throughout the school year.



The Celebration of the Eucharist occurs several times in the course of the school year. While the purpose or nature of the occasion determines the size of the gathering, all students are expected to attend and participate in the Masses that are celebrated in the community. In addition to the Celebration of the Eucharist, a variety of paraliturgical and devotional services take place during the year where students’ attendance and participation are not only expected, but are also welcomed.


Rite of Reconciliation

Each Catholic student is offered the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation within the context of the regularly scheduled Penance Services. Students are also welcome to ask Father Chris Walsh throughout the week if they would like to receive the sacrament.


Annual Retreats

It is an Archdiocesan policy that each student enrolled in a diocesan high school attends an annual retreat as a requirement for promotion and/or graduation. Retreats will be scheduled for the students by grade throughout the school year.

The Kairos Retreat is also available for juniors and seniors!



The School Ministry Team serves as vocation coordinator for both boys and girls. Special focus is given to vocation awareness in cooperation with the Archdiocesan Offices for Vocations. The School Minister is also available for informal talks concerning the student’s spiritual life and choice of vocations.

There is now a new website for those exploring a vocation to the priesthood or consecrated life.


Student Concerns

The School Ministry team is available to every student to offer spiritual support as needed. Students are welcome to stop by the ministry office during free periods such as lunch or study hall if they should have any concerns or are simply looking for  someone to talk to.  Father Chris can be contacted to arrange for visits to the sick at home or in the hospital.