Starting January 2018, the spiritual life of the McDevitt Student Body will be lead by 12 students. The Campus Ministry Team (“The Twelve”) will be composed of 3 members from each class.

Membership in The Twelve will be chosen through an application + interview process. This team will be chosen each fall to serve a one-year term the next calendar year. Students will be allowed to serve more than one year if chosen by the selection committee in subsequent years.

After launching this new initiative almost 2 months ago, we received a wealth of excellent applications from students from every class. And each student who applied went through the interview process. We cannot say enough about the quality of the candidates we received. It is clear that our students care a great deal about the spiritual health of our school.

As members of the inaugural class of The12, we hope these young men and women understand the unique honor they have received. These students will be charged with protecting and nurturing the spiritual health of our community throughout 2018.

Dr. Powell considers this to be the most important project we have launched since he joined the McDevitt community. Our attention to spiritual matters is what makes Catholic education so vital. And the spiritual health of our community is the very foundation for everything we do as a community. This group of students will fill a critical leadership role for McDevitt, and selection to The12 should be considered an honor.