School Nurse: Nora Weigold
Office Hours: 9am-1pm


As directed by state regulations, the following health services are provided: annual vision screening and height and weight measurements are done for all students; hearing acuity screening for Juniors; and hearing threshold screening for all students with known hearing loss.  Parents will be notified if the student fails any of the screenings or of any detected medical concerns.  A Cheltenham School District nurse will also be in the building every Thursday.


The following health forms are required for entry into Bishop McDevitt High School. These forms should be completed and returned on or before the first day of school.

The following are required:

  1. Certificate of Immunization:
    a. 4 doses of Diphtheria and Tetanus (DTP or Td or DT) 1 dose on or after the fourth birthday.
    b. 3 doses of polio
    c. 2 doses of measles- usually given as MMR
    d. 2 doses of mumps- usually given as MMR
    e. 1 dose of rubella(German Measles) usually given as MMR
    f. 3 doses of hepatitis B
    g. 2 doses of varicella(chicken pox) vaccine or history of disease.
    h. A tuberculosis test (TB) with a negative reading is required of any foreign-born student, homeless,TB endemic area or any situation deemed high risk.
  2. PHYSICAL EXAM form to be completed by your family doctor, done within one year prior to entry
  3. Emergency information form must be filled out by a parent or guardian and returned on the first day of school. In case of an emergency we need the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  4. Medication Administration form. We cannot administer any medications with out a doctor’s order. If your child takes medication on a regular basis or may need Tylenol or ibuprofen for headaches, fever, etc. please have the form filled out by your doctor and signed by a parent or guardian.

Pennsylvania School Health Law

In accordance with the Pennsylvania School Health Law, a medical examination is required for all Juniors. Parents are urged to have their children examined by their family physician since such an examination provides continuity of medical care; however a school physical will be provided by the Cheltenham School District physicians for all those who are not examined privately. Any Junior who does not have the required physical by the end of the first quarter may be suspended from all classes and activities until the physical is obtained. Students are responsible for making up any missed work. Immunization audits of all incoming freshmen and new students are done each fall or upon student entry. All students must have proof of full immunization as required by the state for school entry.

Emergency first aid care for accidents or illnesses that occur at school is provided in the presence of the school nurse.

In the case of illness during the school day, the student should secure a corridor pass from a teacher or moderator. This pass is taken to the Attendance Office before the student reports to the Health Office. If this is not possible, the student should inform any faculty member in the area or someone in any Administrative office. If the nurse is not in the Health Office, the student should report back to the Attendance Office. A student who claims illness and misses class or leaves school without reporting to the Attendance Office is subject to disciplinary action.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS A STUDENT TO CALL HOME FOR TRANSPORTATION BECAUSE OF ILLNESS. The school nurse will evaluate the health of the student and will make the decision concerning the care needed. If the nurse decides that a student should go home, she will contact the parents and request that they come for the student.

Prescription and over the counter drug policy

In order for students to receive Tylenol in school, the Nursing Practice Act requires that they have on file in the Health Office a permission/prescription card signed by one parent and the family physician in order for the nurse to administer it. The administration of Advil requires a doctor’s note specifically naming Advil or Ibuprofen. It is the policy of Cheltenham School District and Bishop McDevitt High School that school personnel may not administer prescription medications to students nor may students selfadminister any prescription medication in school without parental permission and the knowledge of the school nurse. Students who are taking prescribed medication must leave the prescription in the original container with the nurse in the Health Office. Both a doctor’s note and a parental note must accompany the medication if it is to be taken on a daily basis, and must be delivered to school, including refills, by a parent. In the case of a short-term prescription, the original prescription bottle and a parental note must be kept in the Health Office, and the medication must be taken there.


Bishop McDevitt High School is recognized by the Montgomery County Health Department as 100% smoke-free and is an official member of the Montgomery County Smoke-Free Workplace Program.